Sorry I haven’t posted for ages! It’s been a busy few months and a lot has happened! Firsty I got an award from the festival Ciutat Vella Oberta, from the magazine 967arte! I was represented by them in ARCO this month, and they will be doing an interview with me for their magazine next year!Continue reading “Updates!”

Art Review for my solo show at the Fenderesky Gallery, by Slavka Sverakova

ARTIST’S STATEMENT My work is influenced by many things; mythology, folk tales and invented stories, leaving their dark side laid bare. It is about my life, the lives of others, and sometimes the life of no one at all. I use images of the past, feelings of the present and dreams of the […] via LISAContinue reading “Art Review for my solo show at the Fenderesky Gallery, by Slavka Sverakova”

Photos of the opening in the Fenderesky Gallery

Hi all, I got back last week, and its been all go, so I am a bit late putting up the photos of the show! It was a great turn out, loads of support from friends and especially my family! Thank you all for coming to the opening! The show is on till the 3rdContinue reading “Photos of the opening in the Fenderesky Gallery”

All ready for the solo show at the Fenderesky Galley, Belfast!

Well I finally have got all 27 pieces of work boxed up and sent to Belfast for my solo show in the Fenderesky Gallery! Hopefully they will arrive save and sound!! The show opens on the 2nd of Febuary from 18:00-20:00. I will be going over to Belfast for the opening, and would love toContinue reading “All ready for the solo show at the Fenderesky Galley, Belfast!”

Next up Train Station Exhibiton….

I love it when new venues appear to show art!! This Wednesday 13th of July from 19:30 is the opening of the show. I am delighted to be involved in this collective exhibition, with my favorite artists and friends; Raquel Carrero, Susana Do Santos & Regina Quesdada! The space is part of the Up Hostel,Continue reading “Next up Train Station Exhibiton….”