Next show coming up is in the Gordon Gallery, Derry, N.Ireland from January 17th till February 23rd 2013.

“Gordon Gallery kicks off the year with an exhibition of work from artists mostly born in Ireland or
currently living in Ireland. Most have national or international reputations amongst them Royal
Hibernian and Royal Ulster Academicians. Subject matter and size will vary but the show will celebrate the
work being done by some of today’s contemporary painters and assemblage makers.” Gordon Gallery.

I´ll be showing work along the most potential Irish Artists today!
Sophie Aghajanian RUA, James Allen RUA, Neisha Allen, Brian Ballard RUA, Brian Bourke
HRHA Aosdána, Philippe Carpentier, Eamonn Carter, Clifford Collie, David Crone RUA RHA,
Charles Cullen Aosdána, Diarmuid Delargy ARUA Aosdána, Melita Denaro, John Devlin,
GaryDevon RUA, Micky Donnelly Aosdána, Joe Dunne RHA, Caroline Fellowes, Brian Ferran HRUA,
Denise Ferran ARUA, Philip Flanagan, Barbara Freeman ARUA, Martin gale Aosdána, Trevor Geoghegan,
Graham Gingles RUA, Maria Simonds-Gooding ARHA Aosdána, Angela Hackett, John Kerr, Stephen Lawlor, Miseon Lee, Richard Livingstone, Sheila McClean, Clement McAleer RUA, Eamon McAteer, Malachy McGonagle, Colin McGookin RUA, Orla McLaughlin, Bernadette Madden, Trudie Mooney, Lars Nyberg, Seamus O’Byrne, Mick O’Dea RHA Aosdána, Jack Pakenham RUA, Ann Patterson, Doris Rhor,Victor Richardson, Neil Shawcross RUA, Marion Thomson, Mavis Thomson ARUA, Stephen Vaughan, Lorraine Wall, Michael Wann, Caroline Ward, Chris Wilson.


Published by lisagingles

Lisa Gingles is an artist born in Northern Ireland and based in Valencia since 1998. She graduated in fine arts from the University of Ulster in Belfast, where she began to develop her narrative style. She has exhibited nationally and internationally over the past years. Gingles´ artistic repertoire primarily consists of small drawings that are crafted using pages from old books or their covers as a foundation. Additionally, she has begun incorporating larger charcoal drawings and sculptures into her body of work. " The artist´s works conjure a bewitching world of eerie fairly tales and ancient folklore, a world where both menacing and benign forces of nature are at play" Sunday Business Post, Susan Morrel.

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