Finally started some new work!! This will probably be a piece for a project with artist Carlos Segura! Carlos is an artist who also was in the festival of art, INCUBARTE, and both our work was shown in the MUVIM! We haven´t actually met each other in person, and we want to keep it this way, and work on a project together, in which the subject will aptly be “Sin Rostros” or “Sin Identificación” which means “Without Faces” or “No Identity”. You can see Carlos´s work here:

Published by lisagingles

Lisa Gingles is a Northern Ireland born, Valencia based artist. Having studied Fine Art in the University of Ulster, Belfast, she moved to Valencia, Spain in 1998. She has exhibited over the past few years in Spain, U.K, Ireland and N.Ireland. Lisa´s work is mainly made up of small drawings and collage using old book covers and there ripped out pages as a base. " The artist´s works conjure a bewitching world of eerie fairly tales and ancient folklore, a world where both menacing and benign forces of nature are at play" Sunday Business Post, 9th September 2012, Susan Morrel.

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