I am so pleased to have been chosen to be in the Valencian Festival of Art “INCUBARTE” These 2 wee pieces have been selected 🙂
This is a festival which will be celebrated in various gallery´s and in the MUVIM, in Valencia over the period of 3 days! 21 hasta el 23 of June 2012
This is what they say about the festival (copied from their web page)

The 5th International Independent Art Festival INCUBARTE is a cultural event that includes plastic and visual arts, which has been evolving over the last five years with great success in Valencia.
INCUBARTE, was conceived as a meeting point for artists and audience and is also a public and free event with a festive nature where networks are created between different professionals in arts and culture. Our main objective is to expose Valencian citizens to the latest local and international art trends, selecting artists from the international art scene.

In 2012, the festival is celebrating its 5th edition, retaining its original proposition to the research, promotion and spread of new art trends. The programme includes all types of art genres, such as painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video-art, art-nature, mural, street art, urbanism and mapping. INCUBARTE is specially focuses on all kinds of interdisciplinary and innovative projects and creations, and proposes an original, innovative and creative view of all art trends.

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