Exhibition tonight in Valencia


I am delighted to show tonight in an old favorite, Trentatres Cafe & Galeria in Calle Sueca 33! The opening is from 7pm-10pm and the show will continue on till the end of January!

The work I will be showing is work I have produced this year, where I have been exploring myths and facts of places and animals related to death! I also have been experimenting with new techniques in painting and drawing using oils and charcoal as a medium!

“Around the world, the crow has been associated with war, death, the Otherworld, or as a cunning trickster not to be trusted. Despite this, there has also been a grudging acknowledgement of its intelligence.

In Irish mythology, the crow is seen as a manifestation of the Morrigan (in Irish, Mór-ríoghain), meaning phantom/great Queen. She was a deity signifying ‘battle, strife and sovereignty’, a harbinger of war and death, who spoke of the battlefield as ‘her garden’.

It was said that she would often fly above a battle, her cry bringing courage and encouragement to her warriors, whilst simultaneously striking fear into the hearts of the enemy. Sometimes she would join in the battle in her human form.”

information taken from aliisaacstoryteller.com