Its been a while since I posted anything, and the most important thing I forgot to post, was the new work I made whilst in Manchester!! These works are for sale, if you are interested in any of them please get in touch with me via my email:

“The Last To Leave”
“The first to Arrive”
“Clipped Wings”
“Before The Mourning Came” SOLD
“Mourning Called” SOLD
“Shadowed Souls”
“Shadowed Souls II”
“Sleep Walker”-SOLD
“Avion Humanoid”
“Windsor Forest- Dead and Dying”-SOLD
“Look what the Cat Dragged In”

“Dream Stalker”

“The Nest”
“Monks Wood”
“Matley Forest”
“Windsor Forest”
“Hear Me Roar”
“La Niebla Nos EnvolĂ­a”
“The Parting Glass” SOLD