This Christmas I´ve had a few wee commissions!
Thanks for all your support everyone! 
Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2013!  
“Animus VIII” SOLD
“Animus IX” SOLD
“Animus X” SOLD

“Bird Girl II” SOLD
“Las Razas Humanas” SOLD
“Animus XI” SOLD


The Peppercanister Gallery is pleased to invite you to
Christmas 2012, Tonight 6th December, 5.30 – 8.00pm
Exhibition continues 7 – 24 December 2012
Christmas 2012 Installation Shot

Click on the image above to view works in the exhibition

Reminder: Tonight – Christmas Opening

Opening Thursday 6th December, 5.30 – 8.00
Exhibition continues until 24th December

Join us this evening for a glass of wine and mince pies at the opening of our Christmas 2012 exhibition. Click here to preview some of the works available from artists including Liam Belton, Ken Browne, Anne Donnelly, Graham Gingles, Lisa Gingles, Sonja Landweer, Albert Irvin, Gavin Lavelle, Sarah Longley, Marie-Louise Martin, Rosie McGurran, Deirdre McLoughlin, Simon McWilliams, Sidney Nolan, Breon O’Casey, Joseph O’Connor, Gavin O’Curry, Tracey Quinn, Robert Ryan, Neil Shawcross, Andrew Vickery, Conor Walton and Charlie Whisker.

Fundación Fernando María Centenera Jaraba V Certamen de Dibujo Contemporáneo Pilarby Andrés Centenera Jaraba

This piece is for the “Fundación Fernando María Centenera Jaraba  V Certamen de Dibujo Contemporáneo Pilarby Andrés Centenera Jaraba
(Fernando Maria Foundation Centenera V Jaraba Contemporary Drawing Contest Pilarby Andrés Centenera Jaraba)
“Its objectives are the conservation and enhancement of the International Contemporary Art Collection and the promotion and dissemination of the artistic work of new artists in all its manifestations and, especially, the drawing.”
The exhibition “Me, Myself and I and the winning artists selected for this fourth call, will be exhibited in Madrid during the month of February 2013, in Room La Lonja (beside the Matadero) Arganzuela district of Madrid.


This is what I wrote for the discription of the piece:

The crows are inspired by a story from Norse mythology. Huginn (from Old Norse “thought”) and Muninn (Old Norse “memory or “mind) are a pair of crows who fly around the world to bring back news back to the god Odin.

In this work there is a faceless girl representing myself, with two crows on either side. The crows are my eyes, they can be mischievous and not always tell the truth
I front of her lays a book that is made up of the words in Spanish: Yo, Me and Mismo, ( Me, Myself and I) leaving the crows to translate the meaning for her.