This is how the piece for the show turned out!

You can purchase this print and many more from other artists on the website of The Mill Co. stroe online for 15 pounds! Thanks to everyone who went to the show, and for all your support as always x


I have this wee piece (although it won´t be like this as it will be printed in 2 tones black and gold, i think) in the show below! Of course the first thing that came into my mind about the theme “Collectionistas”, was idea why..haha!


Risograph print exhibition.
25 posters by collectors, artists, photographers and designers.

… Records played by connoisseur record collectors and refreshments will be available.

I love the obsession inherent in collecting. The completist, whether finding that all-important last football sticker to finish their sticker book or one of those committed men (more often than not) standing on a rainy platform furtively scribbling down train
numbers. The amateur hobbyist, complete with vast selection of frogs/bottle tops/records/paper fruit wrappers/tram tickets/ whatever; I always admired those kids at school who had a million different shaped and coloured erasers (they were called
rubbers then, before Aids)… I loved their dedication and their neatness and I got dizzy just trying to imagine how much pocket money they got… It´s all valid!

There something religious about this devotion. It´s repetitive, inspiring and, well, ultimately pointless. Long live the anoraks!

Kavel Rafferty. (curator)

Printing by Hato Press London

Prints will be on sale on the day and at The Mill Co. Store.
The Mill Co. Project
Lime Wharf, Vyner Street
London, United Kingdom